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Dinein & Waiter Ordering

User Story: As a customer, I want to order meal instantly from my smartphone at the restaurant, so that I don't need to wait on queue for someone to come to serve me especially during the peak hour. I also can read other reviews to help me making choice on meal and be able to pay in advance without the hassle of queuing in counter. advance

Our Solution: Your customers can conveniently order from anywhere, anytime, get menu translated without even summoning to waiter. Customers have the option to prepay instantly online or pay on spot by card or cash. The automated booking system can save you manpower, cost and let your staff focus on customer service & core activities. We keep your customer engaged in reading reviews, browsing gallery while you can review the order on your smartphone or web and pass the order to kitchen in real time. Waiters can also order for customers digitally on the spot without go through POS at counter.


Pickup Ordering

User Story: As an office worker, I want to order meal and pay directly from my smartphone in advance at my office, so that when I am on my way home, I can just pick up the food without the hassle of waiting to get the meal cooked and queuing at the counter to clear the bill .

Our Solution: Our system allows your customers to order now and schedule a later pickup. Customers have the option to go cashless, pay in advance online or pay on the spot by cash or card. This way you can take orders 24/7 and make money while you are busy with other tasks or even while you sleep!


Delivery Ordering

User Story: As a customer without a transport, I want to order food directly from my smartphone and schedule for a delivery, so that I can enjoy the meal delivered at the comfort of my home without the hassle of traveling. I also be able to get some discount, earn reward points and save my cost of traveling.

Our Solution: Our system allows your customers to order online, schedule a delivery and earn loyalty points. With simplified service delivery & travel distance management, you can manage your delivery, travel cost and monitor the delivery status. On add-on service, we also supply an interactive map based interface lets you streamline your entire process from scheduling to tracking a delivery. It also enables you locate your workforce on the map in real time.

Table Reservation

Table Reservation

User Story: As a father of four kids, I want to take my children out for a dinner and to reserve a table in advance so that I can avoid long waiting time especially in peak hours.

Our Solution: With our integrated table reservation and order in advance features, your guests can now book a table & order food in advance. This reduces their waiting time while you can know how many guests to expect, fill empty seats, increase sales and gain repeat business via loyalty program.

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