1. How do I make an online booking ?

  1. First of all, sign up a user account. It will be created instantly.
  2. Then, log in as the user.
  3. Search professionals near you by entering your address, search by suburb, by postcode, by business name,  by service name or description.
  4. Once you found the professional you like, choose your desired service, select available timeslot and complete the booking.
  5. Some providers or professionals might require you to prepaid the services before the appointment. You can chose from the several payment methods: Digital wallets, wired (bank) transfer, pay on arrival, credit card & paypal. Please be aware that payment by card and paypal might incur surcharge.
  6. Complete the booking process. Your booking will appear on your schedule calendar and bookings. From there, you can check your upcoming or past booking.

2. What is the cancellation & refund policy ?

We understand that plans change for various reasons, therefore we try our best to accomodate your need while perserving win-win outcome among us, services providers and customers. As courtesy and our standard, cancellations within 24 hours of the appointment with service providers is not allowed, but you can reschedule your appointment with your service providers instead of cancelling it. However, it is highly recommend to check with your providers first regardings their cancellation policy. It is at their discretion to determine on how to operate the cancellation process.

Regarding refund, if you cancel an order and ask for full refund, refund transaction fee of 3% by card and 3.5% by paypal will be deducted automatically. We are very transparent here. If you prepay your services by wallet or wired transfer, no cancellation fee and refund transaction fee will be charged.

3. What is digital wallet and how does it works ? 

Digital wallet allow you to store your money securely so that you can pay your services instantly. The idea is go cashless anywhere, anytime. You can top up your wallet balance any time by wired transfer ( avoid transaction fee ). The other beauty of the wallet is that we will reward money or cashback to your wallet if you have achieve certain level of transactions by wallet.

4. Is it free to join and use the features ?

Yes, It is completely free to join and to use the features at Keekee. We continue to improve and to make it user-friendly, easy, fun and convenient for you to use. When it comes to booking a service, you can prepay & prebook any services without hassle. You can also take advantages of any discount, coupon or voucher that are available at your service providers.

5. What does it mean by in-home service , beauty service, wellness service and mobile professionals ?

In-Home service = Services provided by professionals at client’s own home or other prefered location such as office, hotel, workshop & so on. The concept is to let the professionals come to you for providing the services without traveling at client end.

Mobile prefossionals = This refers to beauty or wellness professionals such as beauty theraphist, hairdresser, wedding make up artist and so on that they could come to your home or prefered location for delivering the on-demand services.

Beauty service = Services provided by beauty professionals.

Wellness service = Services provided by wellness professionals.

6. What happen if I am late ?

However, if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment it will be at the discretion of your professional whether they decide to proceed with the appointment or reschedule your appointment.

7. What is private message and how it works ?

Private message is a secured communication platform to connect customers with providers and Keekee team. Only registered members are allowed to initiate conversation with providers. Members can also communicate with other members.

8. What happened if I don’t receive any email notification from Keekee or my service provider ?

Please check your junk mail or spam folder. If you still get stuck, feel free to reach us and we will look into it further at prompt manner. Alternatively you can reach out to your providers via phone, email or private message.